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I am starting a series on influential people who inspired me to change the way I eat and live my life. We can all learn from those who work hard and inspire us to become a better person.

The first person on this much anticipated list is the man who really made me look at my health and think, wow if he can do it so can I.

I am talking about one of the most famous and influential Ultra Endurance athletes ever, Rich Roll. Some of you might have heard of Rich he is an amazing vegan athlete. I have mentioned him, a few times in previous posts,such as The Future is Vegan article. Rich and his friend Jason Patrick Lester are the first 2 people to ever complete the EPIC 5 challenge, which is 5 Ironman triathlons on 5 Hawaiian islands in under a week.  That was an amazing feat for anyone, let alone a man who was in his early 40’s at the time.

The Turning Point in His Life

One of the things that amazes me most about this feat, is just a few years prior to the EPIC 5 Challenge, Rich could barely walk up the stairs at his home. He lived the fast food diet, filled with drugs and alcohol.

After realizing he could not walk up the stairs at night without running out of breath, a light switched on in his mind and he knew this was not the life for him. He changed his diet, switched to a whole foods plant based vegan diet and changed his life forever.

A few years after turning Vegan Men’s Fitness magazine named Rich as one of the ’25 Fittest Men in the World’.

Now, do you see why I am inspired by him? Granted, I know his situation is unique and most people will not accomplish what he has. But, for me becoming healthier, is my main goal. Following the example he has set, should be an inspiration for us all.

In addition, to the EPIC 5 challenge, Rich has gone on to compete in numerous Ultraman World Championships, he placed 11th in his very first attempt. He has also competed in many other world famous ultra endurance races all over the world. This is quite a feat for anyone, especially a man over 40. All while being powered by plants on a whole foods plant based diet.

Some might question what this has to do with me. Well, for one after reading his book Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself, twice. It has inspired me to change my life and become a healthier person.

I am what you might call a hybrid vegetarian. Which means I eat mostly plant based, about 95% of the time and every once in a while usually on the weekends I might have a piece of meat. But, this too is slowing down and to tell you the truth I don’t miss it at all. I feel better, have tons more energy and I sleep like a baby every night.

4 Ways Rich Inspired Me to Change My Life

  • I eat MUCH healthier now, mainly plant based, with lots of fruits and veggies each and every day.
  • I exercise more, I love to run and cycle, I even do a little Yoga every morning. It makes me feel better and ready to take on the new day.
  • Eating this way and exercising more has made me a much happier and calmer person than before.
  • Lastly, eating mainly plant based is very beneficial for the environment.

I feel like this has made me a better person and more inspired to work harder to become healthier. I’ve read a lot of books on health and fitness, but the cornerstone book that really lead me down the path the a healthier lifestyle is Rich’s book ‘Finding Ultra’.

But wait there’s more as the old saying goes. Did you know Rich also has a podcast, aptly named ‘The Rich Roll’ podcast. If you haven’t listened in yet, check him out. He routinely has some of the top minds in health, nutrition and exercise on his show. Its rated as one of the top podcasts on Itunes.

I hope this post has inspired you to take a look at your health and maybe make some changes in your life too.


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