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Skip Black Friday shopping madness and spend the day outside instead. For us frugal types this is a no-brainer, we do not care to be anywhere near a mall or shopping center on this day. Yes there are great deals to be had. But, for the most part, it’s all useless junk we don’t need anyways. 


  • It is estimated that the average Black Friday shopper will spend close to $967.13 during the 4 day event.
  • The world’s largest brick and mortar retailer Wal*Mart attracted more than 22 million people to its stores last year on Black Friday alone.
  • More people shop on Black Friday than visit Disneyland resorts each year.

If you are hell bent on blowing $1k this year try these strategies instead of shopping, invest the money in the stock market. Find a few good stocks or an index fund and invest it or donate it to a worthy cause, might I suggest the Adam fund as a great charity, I can always find a good use for money. There are plenty of charities that can use this money for the better good as well.

Go Outside!

There are many websites and various retailers that suggest we spend our day in the wonderful outdoor world. Recreational Equipment Inc or REI as most of the world knows, promotes the #OptOutside movement.  They offer many different ideas for activities or places to go and explore. I encourage you to check out their website and see if it drums up any inspiration for you!










Another great company on the explore outside bandwagon is Outdoor Research.  Do you see a trend here? Many of the top outdoor retailers want us to go outside and play. Outdoor Research has gone a step further and offered to donate $10 to the Paradox Sports, an “adaptive sports non-profit dedicated to providing outdoor adventure experiences to the physically disabled”. Just for every person who pledges support to the REI #OptOutside campaign. I say we all need to support this worthy cause!


Other great ideas might include just spending time outside. If the temperatures are warm enough you can wash the car or take a stroll around the park. Some unlucky souls or those who enjoy it may even mow their yards. But, in all honesty I would rather mow 100 acres of grass with a pair of dull scissors than fight the traffic and stupidity that has become Black Friday.


Just use your imagination or the internet to dream up great ideas on how to spend your Black Friday that doesn’t involve the inside of a mall or shopping center. We all need to exercise more breathe in some fresh air. Opt Outside and stand with REI and others enjoy your wonderful day outside!


What are your plans for Black Friday?


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