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Welcome to my blog on fitness, finance and food!

You will find stories on personal finance with a frugal twist, mixed with a few plant based meals and my latest fitness conquests.

Fit Frugal Dude is a single guy in his early 40’s, that works in the Tech industry. But, dreams of a life outside the cube. I live a healthy frugal lifestyle all while saving over 50% of my income!

This blog was created because everyday I hear co-workers complain about how they will never be able to retire. They just can’t afford it, they’ll work till they die. All the while they buy expensive lunches, foo foo coffees and the latest tech toy or gadget, all while subscribing to the MEGA TV satellite 500 channel package, never even thinking this could be the root cause of why they will work till death do they part!

So if you enjoy reading about personal finance, fitness and healthy foods all while changing your life for the betterment of the world? Then, read on my frugal friends, this blogs for you!

Check out my blog, feel free to comment, subscribe below, gripe or give me money, haha!


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